Treasuredays’ Treasure Hunt Blog - Southwark & City hunt part 1

Golden Hind - Southwark treasure hunt Golden Hind - Southwark treasure hunt

When last Sunday dawned as a glorious, blue-skied autumn morning, it was just the perfect opportunity to drive into town really early and check that the clues for our Southwark & City of London Treasure Hunt were all still visible and working correctly.

Here we highlight a few of the sights and stops on the first half of the route.

Southwark Treasure Hunt - Borough market

From Thursday to Saturday this area around London Bridge is the famous foodie haven of Borough market. On those days, just follow your nose for breakfast in the market, where you can pick up excellent bacon sandwiches to start your day out.

On a Sunday, sadly, that option is denied, but a cute place to meet up with your fellow treasure hunt players is the open air Cafe Brood, tucked away behind Southwark Cathedral in Green Dragon Court, at the base of the steps up to London Bridge.  Here are some photos of their spicy Sunday brunch offerings the day we visited.

Southwark treasure hunt - Brood Cafe paella Southwark treasure hunt - Brood cafe drinks  Southwark treasure hunt - Brood cafe stew

Southwark Treasure Hunt: City of London

The Southwark treasure hunt takes you across the river into the City of London via London Bridge (and later on back across the Millennium Bridge).  It's great to do this one at the weekend, when you can actually stop and enjoy the morning light up and down the Thames, seeing as far as Tower Bridge, without being tussled by commuters in a hurry to get to the office.

Southwark treasure hunt - Tower Bridge seen from London bridge

First stop on the other side of the Thames is round the corner at the Monument, erected to remember the Great Fire of 1666.  If you are feeling fit, you can climb to the top and enjoy the stunning views - but don't worry, that's not essential to answer any of the treasure hunt clues!

Our route then leads into the heart of the 'old school' City, with lots of clues to be found in the square between the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange.  From there it is a short hop down Walbrook to the Riverside again, more of which in Part Two of this post.



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