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Full English - Soho treasure hunt Full English - Soho treasure hunt

In our previous blog, we covered a number of restaurants in Chinatown which would make an ideal finish to our Soho Treasure Hunt.  We are asked just as often where would be a good meeting point for teams to gather at the start, and we think we've found the best option in Soho the Full English restaurant in Wardour Street.  It's about 10 minutes walk from the start of the treasure hunt in Soho Street- just head up Wardour Street to Oxford Street and turn right. 

A Full English to start the Soho Treasure Hunt

Running as a 'pop-up' restaurant at the O Bar, the focus is on

  • the best breakfasts that can possibly be sourced and cooked to perfection; and
  • a lunch menu of British traditional cafe-style classic dishes (see menu below).

It's a very quirky little place with mismatched vintage china (the kind your granny had!), proper chintzy old cloth napkins, and comfortable banquettes along the wall.  If your teams are really out to 'play', they also have an alcohol licence from 10am.  Larger parties can book the upstairs room to themselves, so have a chat with Michele the owner if you want bacon butties or sausage sarnies laid on for a group.

Corned beef hash - Soho treasure huntKippers - Soho treasure hunt

My Corned Beef Hash was undoubtedly the best I've ever had, with not a sniff of the tinned stuff (proper shreds of brisket, with crisp sauté potatoes topped with a perfect runny egg).

My friend went for his favourite breakfast dish, Manx kippers, and confirmed they too were awesomely good quality and properly grilled with a delicious wafting of butter over the top.  He's had a few great kippers in his time, so it's definitely worth trusting his judgement.

A pit-stop on the West End treasure hunt

You could also pop in for lunch or afternoon tea as a refreshment break on our West End treasure hunt.  It's just over halfway round the route - turn left into Wardour Street when you're on Shaftesbury Avenue.  The restaurant is open until 4 pm.

There are little trolleys around with cakes and – nostalgia – Wagon Wheels (the waiter admitted they were on a mission to make them popular again).Trolley - Soho treasure huntMenu - Soho treasure hunt

Service is charming and friendly, but very professional, and we left with a sense of total well-being for the grand sum of £15.  At the time of writing The Full English is in the top five restaurants in London on Tripadvisor (out of nearly 12 thousand) so let's hope it doesn't become too hard to get a seat for these brilliant brekkies.

The Full English is at 83-85 Wardour Street (at the O Bar) Soho, London W1D 6QE
07923 870294   email:


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