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Globe Theatre - Southwark Treasure Hunt Globe Theatre - Southwark Treasure Hunt

This is the second part of our blog about our Southwark & City of London Treasure Hunt, which we recently reviewed and updated.

The first part took us from Borough Market across London Bridge and up to the Bank of England.  This part will see us cross back over the Millennium Bridge to Bankside. 

Southwark Treasure Hunt - back to the river

Our route leaves the Bank area via Walbrook, where we pass the church where the Samaritans were founded back in 1953.  We then head back down towards the river along Dowgate Hill.  This street is a historical reminder of how important the guilds of trades have been to the City of London.  Along here you can still find the headquarters of (amongst others) the innholders, fanmakers, skinners and vintners.

Crossing Upper Thames St. into Queen St. Place, we descend a small flight of stone steps and turn right to enjoy a stretch of the Thames Path.  A discrete gold clock on the wall, sporting a coat of arms depicting Adam and Eve and a certain tree, reminds us that this was also the sight of the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Southwark treasure hunt - Innkeepers Coat of Arms Southwark treasure hunt - fruiterers plaque Southwark treasure hunt _ Corpus Christ plaque

There is some fascinating information on this section of the path which used to be King Alfred's first harbour and trading shore (called Ethelred's Hythe).  When Henry I's wife Matilda was granted the Dues from the dock in the early 12th century, the dock became popularly known as Queenhithe and was inherited by successive English queens.

By now a refreshment stop may well be welcome, and the perfect place is the Samuel Pepys, in High Timber Street, which you pass. The food was good on our last visit and there are glorious views upstairs over the river.

Southwark Treasure Hunt: Bankside

Cross back to the South Bank over the London Millennium footbridge, taking in the spectacular view of St Paul's as you ascend the steps.
Southwark treasure hunt - St. Paul's from Millennium steps    Southwark treasure hunt - Millennium Bridge

Halfway across the bridge, on the handrails, there are guides on each side illustrating each of the largest buildings looking up and down river, explaining exactly what they are.  Hint: this can be most useful for part of the treasure hunt!

At the end of the bridge are two of London's best-known buildings - the Tate Modern Art Gallery in the old Bankside Power Station; and in complete contrast, the reconstructed Tudor Globe Theatre.

The final leg of the treasure hunt heads back along Bankside towards our starting point, and offers plenty of opportunities to meet up afterwards, perhaps at The Anchor or for a winetasting at Vinopolis.

There are also cafes and coffee shops along this stretch up until the Clink, site of the notorious London prison from the 12th century, where the treasure hunt ends.



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