About Treasuredays

Treasuredays was established in 2007 to be the place online to find fun and challenging Treasure Hunts for kids and adults at a sensible price. Until then, you either had to go out and do the scouting yourself (which meant you couldn't play!), or pay someone else several hundred pounds or more to set a treasure hunt for you.

Luise Frazer: Treasuredays

We believe at £35.00 for a treasure hunt with a choice of two sets of clues (cryptic or family difficulty levels) plus 3 bonus rounds, our packs represent excellent value for money - especially for a children's birthday event, hen day or an office team outing.

Based in Chiswick, West London, our location gives us excellent access into both the centre of town and the English countryside.

We positively welcome all feedback, so do let us know how you got on with our hunts at treasuredays@btinternet.com.

Best wishes, and Happy Hunting!
Luise Frazer