New Edinburgh treasure hunt

Edinburgh treasure hunt - the Toon Coo Edinburgh treasure hunt - the Toon Coo

Treasuredays is proud to be launching its first treasure hunt in Scotland.  The new Edinburgh treasure hunt explores the heart of this great city, covering the grandeur of the Georgian New Town and the numerous quirky sights of the medieval Old Town.

Edinburgh treasure hunt - New Town

The treasure hunt starts by Waverley Station with the first clues in Princes Street Gardens by the monument to Sir Walter Scott.  The route then runs through the Georgian New Town via St. Andrew Square and George Street and back to Princes Street.  Amomg others, we meet James Clerk Maxwell, George IV and Pitt the Younger on the way.  Then it's past the National Gallery of Scotland and up to the Old Town.

Edinburgh treasure hunt - Old Town

This part of the treasure hunt first heads down George IV Bridge to take in the birthplace of Harry Potter and the memorial to Greyfriars Bobby.  We then cut across to Cowgate where we meet the Toon Coo (pictured) and on to the bottom of the Royal Mile.  The final stretch of the treasure hunt, up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle, is absolutely stuffed with fascinating sights and intereting clues.  As well as Adam Smith and David Hume, we meet the orginal Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and 'the godfather of bizarre magick' who played the title character at the Castle Dracula theatre. 


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