NEW -  Mustique Treasure Hunt

Beach, Mustique treasure hunt Beach, Mustique treasure hunt

Treasuredays is proud to present its first genuine tropical 'Treasure Island', set in the unique island of Mustique.

Situated in the beautiful Grenadines, Mustique is full of eccentricity and charm and has long been a favourite destination of the rich and famous.

Our Hunt starts and ends in Britannia Bay, which is the island's main hub, with a handful of stores and the legendary Basil's Bar.  The circular route round the central and northern parts of the island takes in Endeavour Bay, L'Ansecoy Bay and Macaroni Bay.  Other stops include the Tennis and Equestrian Centres and the Bamboo Church.

The Mustique treasure hunt offers something fun and different for those already familiar with the island, and is ideal as a rapid initiation for anyone enjoying their first visit to Mustique - you will know your way round all the main points of interest by the end of this Treasure Hunt.


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