London Treasure Hunts offer

Chinese restaurant - Soho treasure hunt Chinese restaurant - Soho treasure hunt

Treasuredays' October Special Offer is on two contrasting Treasure Hunts in London.  Until 31 October 2012,  you can buy the full editions of our Soho & Chinatown and Westminster treasure hunts for just £19.99.  That's a saving of 33% or £10.

Westminster Treasure Hunt

The Westminster treasure hunt takes in some of the most historic sights London, including Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral, Parliament, Whitehall and Buckingham Palace.  If you are bringing children to London for the first time, its an ideal way for them to explore and enjoy the city's history and heritage. 

Soho Treasure Hunt

In complete contrast, the Soho & Chinatown treasure hunt explores London's most famous nightlife and entertainment district.  It is full of boutiques, restaurants and pubs, as well as the homes of legendary artists, writers and musicians who have lived and worked in these vibrant streets.


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